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03 July 2024

Noel Squitieri Memorial Surf Show


Noel Squitieri was the most avid surf music fan we have ever met.  He was also a kind and generous person, always willing to welcome fellow surf enthusiasts into his home to talk about gear, swap stories or just share his hospitality along with his wife Barbara and children.

We were lucky that Noel lived in Pittsburgh, so we were able to get to know him personally and see him at the local surf shows in the area.  We also know that he was quick to make friends through online social networks.  Many folks out there all over the world shared in his outgoing spirit.

It is in his spirit of generosity that we put together a surf show with the help of the fabulous Surfer Joe, to honor Noel's enthusiasm for surf music.  Proceeds from the show will be donated to the Special Olympics.

This show will take place Sunday July 14, 2024 at Moondog's Pub in Pittsburgh.  Joining Surfer Joe will the The Boss Stingrays and the Turbosonics!  If you live close to Pittsburgh we hope to see you there.  For the rest of Noel's global network, we hope the you join us in a prayer for his family and carry on the surf music torch as Noel would have wanted.

01 March 2024

 Surf Night with the Yeggs!

Thunderbird Cafe &  Music Hall

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