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28 November 2012

CD Release

Hello Turbo Fans!  Christmas is fast approaching and The Turbosonics are hard at work.  They have penned some fine intro tunes for you all - they've mixed them down and stirred in ample amounts of treble, bass and reverb.  Soon to be released is their debut, self-produced, self-titled Compact Disk release - also available in high-quality download format (no MP3's).

The Turbo-dudes are also planning a super special winter edition Turbo-CD-Release-Party!!!  Stay tuned for more details on where and when !!!

You can see from evidence provided below, they felt quite proud of themselves after one long hard day of recordin' with studio whiz-kid, Tom Breiding, down in Tom's basement studio in McMurry, PA.  (Thanks to Ms. Breiding for snapping this fine photo.)


We are The Turbosonics. Welcome to our world.