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06 July 2015


We are excited to announce the world premier of our new song, "Jennette's Pier!"  This is a sneak peak at the soon-to-be-released CD "Tres Gatos Suave."  Stay tuned for news regarding our CD release party coming this fall!!!

24 April 2015

Recording Session

Hi folks!  Rest assured, we have been continuing to work on our upcoming CD.  Saturday April 18, Timmy drove over to pick up Jason in the Miata.  It was a beautiful day for drive with the top down.  Only problem was there's no room for a guitar in the 2-seater sports car!  So we had to get creative and strap the ol' Modena on top the back of the car and let 'er rip!

Timmy, Jason and the guitar made it safetly to Harriet's basement (aka Club Laundrie) where we proceeded to lay down the raw tracks for the new disk.  Stay tuned for more information and updates! 

Peace, Brothers and Sisters!
The Turbosonics

21 February 2015

Sneak Preview - New Turbo Tunes

Ok - so it's been freezing cold outside, and the Turbosonics have been in hibernation as of late.  We'll we haven't been completely inactive - we've been working on some new material, and we decided to share a little preview of what we've been up to.  This is a preliminary demo of a new song called "Frozen Surf"  A song that was inspired by the cold weather and a longing for the warm summer sun and some west coast waves.  Have a listen and let us know what you think.  See you soon!