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24 August 2016

21 June 2016

The Turbosonics play the Deutschtown Music Festival

@ Allegheny City Brewery - July 9 !!!

Check out details for the entire event here.
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25 May 2016

SATURDAY - JUNE 11, 2016

Come Celebrate with the Turbosonics !!!

11 May 2016

Pizza Fest !!!

The Turbosonics invade Lawrenceville this weekend!!!
Bring your appetites !!
Pizza Fest Starts at 12 noon.

Turbosonics start at 4:30 pm

26 April 2016

Nied's Hotel - Outdoor Amphitheatre

Welcome summertime! 
See you at the outdoor concert series at Nied's Hotel !!!!
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31 January 2016

The Turbosonics present: "Electric Slim"

February 20 is going to be HOT at Moondog's!  
Slim Forsythe will be cranking up the new electric guitar for some riffin' and jivin'
with Pittsburgh's premier surf-rock trio - The Turbosonics!!!

06 September 2015

CD's On Sale Here!

'Tres Gatos Suave' Compact Disk On Sale

Physical CD's are now available!  Order your CD copy of 'Tres Gatos Suave' Today!   

Digital downloads also available on the Turbosonics Bandcamp Page.