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24 January 2013

CD Release Party Spotlight in Post Gazette !!!

Some guys start bands to attract girls or fulfill starry visions of fame. But drummer Timmy Klatte is too mature for that -- he founded surf-rock trio The Turbosonics due to an epiphany. "After 20 years of classic rock in clubs, I wanted to try something different," he recalls.
Then he saw Dick Dale at the Rex Theater in 2005. "I had two of his CDs, and as a kid I liked secret agent music and twangy Western guitars, but I didn't appreciate him until he played at full volume. He's credited with inventing surf guitar, but nobody around here was doing this stuff."
Info box 9/7/2012
The Turbosonics/Jason Martinko Revue
With: The Semi-Supervillains.
Where: 31st Street Pub, 3101 Penn Ave., Strip District.
When: 10 p.m. Saturday.
Tickets: $5; 412-391-8334.
So Mr. Klatte mined his friends for the ingredients of a surf trio -- no dice. Next step: Craigslist. He found bassist and ex-Maine resident Keith Caldwell, and completed the trifecta with guitarist Jason Truckenbrod, who moved to Pittsburgh in 1995.
"In Buffalo, my skate-punk band played Husker Dü and Iggy Pop covers," remembers Mr. Truckenbrod, "and D. Boon [of The Minutemen] was my guitar hero along with Billy Gibbons, who's my mother's cousin. So I was used to power trios."
In 2008, the Turbosonics initially sprang to life as the Surf Zombies, playing faithful versions of Dale, Ventures, Surfaris and Link Wray. But original instrumentals leapt from Mr. Truckenbrod's fertile mind, and four years on, they've assembled eight tracks for their self-titled debut. "The Dick Dale influence makes it more aggressive, and my roots in blues and punk [mean] there's that flavor in there, too."
The album was recorded at the McMurray studio of singer-songwriter Tom Breiding, who'd heard the Turbosonics' full force at Moondog's. Hammered out in one day with only two words for lyrics ("Tom and his son Jack helped us yell 'Lights Out!,' " adds Mr. Caldwell), the collection boasts a universal flair. "Surf music is so accessible, you can pair it with punk, garage, rockabilly or blues," explains Mr. Truckenbrod. "We've got three generations -- Keith's in his 30s, I'm in my 40s, Tim's in his 50s -- so it's music that doesn't lose appeal, and we're trying to bring it to today's crowd to keep it relevant."
The band hopes to beguile thousands of World of Wheels attendees at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Downtown, on Saturday afternoon before their 31st Street Pub gig.

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18 January 2013

Turbosonics CD's On Sale Next Week!

Greetings Turbo-fans!

If you are here, you probably know we are releasing a CD.  The first of three CD Release Parties is next Saturday January 26 at the 31st Street Pub.  We hope to see you there!  We've had a few requests to purchase the CD, but it is not available yet. 

CD's and T-Shirts will go on sale January 26 thru our Bandcamp site.  Just go there and click on the Merch page. 

As always - Thanks for your Support!

...and just for visiting our site, here's video of one of our greatest inspirations, Dick Dale:

12 January 2013

The Turbosonics T-Shirts are in !!!  

Get yours at one of our upcoming CD Release Shows !!!

02 January 2013


Stream the new Turbosonics CD right now.  
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Eight original instrumental surf-rock songs.
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CD Release Party January 26, 2013 at the 31st Street Pub.  
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CD's on sale at the Show.

19 December 2012




The first gig will be smack dab in the middle of the City at
The 31st Street Pub
January 26, 2013
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Look for future tour date announcements!

13 December 2012

Download "Zombie-a-Go-Go" FREE !

That's right, "Zombie-a-Go-Go" is now available for free download.  Plus you get a second track, "Hattori Hanzo" for free, too.

Stay tuned for more free downloads and details of the first stop on our CD Release Tour - Saturday January 26, 2013.

Peace, Rock, and Roll
The Turbosonics

07 December 2012

The Turbosonics self-titled, debut CD is complete !!!  
The shiny new disk contains eight, original, high powered, surf-rock instrumental tunes sure to blow your ears off.  Plans are in the making for their January 2013 CD Release Party.  CD's and digital downloads will be available for purchase soon... but, here's your chance to get a sneak peak at what's on the album.  

Go to Youtube to stream the single "Zombie-A-Go-Go" or go to Bandcamp where you can stream the song for free or download it for $1.  (You get a bonus track when you purchase Zombie-A-Go-Go from Bandcamp too - check it out!)

Here's what people are saying about The Turbosonics and their new album:

Sean McDowell / WDVE says, "These guys are my friends and they've been perfecting their style for a few years now at clubs all over town...congrats to them on their debut CD...The Turbosonics rock and they're REALLY good "live!"

Tom Breiding says, "The Turbosonics are the real deal - authentic, creative, talented, dynamic, and one rockin' surf band!"

DJ Zombo / WRCT says, “The Turbosonics have that rare ability to play all their songs in the key of cool.”

Slim Forsythe says, "The world has been waitin' way too long for this baby! Pittsburgh's Premier Surf Rock Power Trio, the Turbosonics, debut CD is here at last!  I love it!"

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+ - + - + - Keep your eyes peeled for CD Release Party details - + - + - +

28 November 2012

CD Release

Hello Turbo Fans!  Christmas is fast approaching and The Turbosonics are hard at work.  They have penned some fine intro tunes for you all - they've mixed them down and stirred in ample amounts of treble, bass and reverb.  Soon to be released is their debut, self-produced, self-titled Compact Disk release - also available in high-quality download format (no MP3's).

The Turbo-dudes are also planning a super special winter edition Turbo-CD-Release-Party!!!  Stay tuned for more details on where and when !!!

You can see from evidence provided below, they felt quite proud of themselves after one long hard day of recordin' with studio whiz-kid, Tom Breiding, down in Tom's basement studio in McMurry, PA.  (Thanks to Ms. Breiding for snapping this fine photo.)


We are The Turbosonics. Welcome to our world.